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How Drone Operations Can Help You with

Disaster & Storm Response


Our network of drone operators at Mario Curley Photography LLC- Aerial & Ground Imaging Solutions are ready to assist with disaster & storm response. Highly-trained FEMA Certified Remote Pilots on standby are passionate for solving problems using drone technology. 


Mario Curley Photography LLC- Aerial & Ground Imaging Solutions Drone-based aerial intelligence helps: 

  • Manage your resources during emergency response more efficiently 

  • Assist with Search and Rescue Personal for Natural and other Incident Situations

  • Decrease downtime for power outages with high resolution aerial imagery for detailed inspections

  • Increase the margin of safety by reducing the number of dangerous missions,  assisting Lineman Crews locate issues results in faster fixes

  • Collect media coverage of breaking news and events from a birds-eye view


Why choose FEMA Certified Remote PICs

At Mario Curley Photography LLC- Aerial & Ground Imaging Solutionsas FEMA Certified Remote PICs

   The Remote PIC:

  1. Operates the aircraft platform in a safe and secure manner according to all local,

    state, and Federal regulations

  2. Performs preflight and post-flight debriefings and safety checks of the aircraft platforms assigned to the team

  3. Ensures safety for team members during flight

  4. Develops mitigation measures to prevent unsafe acts

  5. Communicates safety, hazards, needs, and concerns to the flight observer

  6. Tracks flight activities

  7. Ensures all members of the Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Team are qualified

    in their position

  8. Ensures completion and approval of appropriate documentation, such as flight

    waivers and activity logs

  9. Communicates all missions and flight plans to the Air Operations Branch Director




FEMA Certification IS-00003

FEMA Certification 


FEMA Certification IS-00005.a

FEMA Certification 


FEMA Certification IS-00100.c

FEMA Certification 


FEMA Certification IS-00200.c

FEMA Certification


CFR Part 107 Certified sUAS Remote Pilot in Command

CFR-Part 107 Certified

FEMA Certification IS-00700.b

FEMA Certification


FEMA Certification IS-00800.c

FEMA Certification


State of North Carolina DOT UAS Commercial Operator Permit

NC-DOT UAS Commercial Operator Permit Holder

NC-DOT UAS Commercial Operator Permit Holder

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